Zi Char

In the early 2000s, many seafood zi char stall operators began to leave the industry, unable to continue in the difficult economic circumstances of the era. With a growing dearth of good zi char food in Singapore, KIMLY launched its own seafood Zi Char brand of food stalls in Taman Jurong in 2003 using the name “KIMLY” for the first time.

The quality of the KIMLY Zi Char dining experience, and its competitive pricing, have grown the seafood Zi Char brand to 25 stalls across Singapore, and counting.

Taking traditional zi char cuisine to a new level, KIMLY takes care to ensure its dishes not only taste good, but also look good, with attention paid to attractive presentation and garnishing. To improve the customer dining experience, unlike traditional zi char menus, KIMLY’s are presented clearly and concisely, with plenty of pictures for easier visual identification.