Announcement Details
Announcement Title Disclosure of Interest / Changes in Interest of Substantial Shareholder(s)/ Unitholder(s)
Date & Time of Broadcast 20-Mar-2017 18:58:23
Status New
Announcement Reference SG170320OTHRNSR0
Submitted By (Co./Ind. Name) Vincent Chia Cher Khiang
Designation Executive Director
Description (Please provide a detailed description of the event in the box below – Refer to the Online help for the format) Kimly Limited (the “Company”) was listed on Catalist of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (the “SGX-ST”) on 20 March 2017.

The initial public offering of the Company was sponsored by PrimePartners Corporate Finance Pte. Ltd.

This announcement has been prepared by the Company and its contents have been reviewed by the Company’s continuing sponsor, PrimePartners Corporate Finance Pte. Ltd. (the “Sponsor”), for compliance with the SGX-ST Listing Manual Section B: Rules of Catalist. The Sponsor has not verified the contents of this announcement. This announcement has not been examined or approved by the SGX-ST. The Sponsor and the SGX-ST assume no responsibility for the contents of this announcement, including the accuracy, completeness or correctness of any of the information, statements or opinions made or reports contained in this announcement.

The contact person for the Sponsor is Mr. Joseph Au, Associate Director, Continuing Sponsorship, at 16 Collyer Quay, #10-00 Income at Raffles, Singapore 049318, telephone (65) 6229 80088

Additional Details
Person(s) giving notice Substantial Shareholder(s) / Unitholder(s) (Form 3)
For Financial Period Ended 20/03/2017
Attachments FORM3 Ng Lay Beng.pdf

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